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Biography of Jamsin-WIP

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Biography of Jamsin-WIP

Post by Jasmin on Mon Apr 01, 2013 7:16 pm

Name: Jasmin
Nick Name: Jazzy
Age: 5
Gender: Female

Species: Pure African Wild Dog

Half her tail is missing from getting too close to a lion. (Didn't edit it on the line-art.)
Lin-eart (C) ehlowel
Eye Color: Bright green
Body description (muscular, thin, etc): She is very muscular from all the fighting she does.

Mind Related
Personality: She is very hard headed and tends to get herself into trouble a lot. She puts herself in danger at any turn to save a friend or family and perhaps gets in over her head. She doesn't acknowledge pain and doesn't really like to be treated for it ether. She needs someone to tell her to stop or she won't. She is constantly looking out for danger and doesn't take time for herself. She would rather stand guard over the party than be in it. Maybe the right AWD will bring her around.
Likes: Fighting, Lizards, Snakes, Heights, Water
Dislikes: Hyenas, Lions
History: She wandered from her pack when she was younger wanting to be alone. She travel for many years by herself sneaking in and out of pack territories. A few times she was almost killed from them, but the thrill of it kept pulling her back. A couple of years ago, when she was 3, she was attacked by a pack of lions and was badly hurt. She managed to escape with the loss of her tail and some broke ribs. She got very sick from her injuries and ended up passing out from exhaustion and waking up a week later. She couldn't remember anything of her past or what happened to her. For many years after she tried very hard to remember, but to no avail. She finally quit trying, but it always lingered in the back of her mind.


Mother: She doesn't remember
Father: She doesn't remember
Ehren Ehren's Bio
Sister: N/A
Koda Koda's Bio

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