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Khalil's Biography

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Khalil's Biography

Post by Khalil on Sun Apr 21, 2013 6:27 pm

Just short of brave, spangled in beige, her chocolate eyes, deep in a gaze.

Khalil, obviously. Translating as "The small, the quiet, and the quick."

African Wild Dog
Currently just a pup c:


Rank Info
She's working her little heart off for Lead Mortendar. It would mean the world to her!

Through the Eyes

Pelt Color
Khalil is blessed with a short-haired coat, which if perfect for Africa's dry, hot weather. Her wiry fur is a dusty yellow color; or beige.

Eye Color
Khalil is known for her chocolate eyes. They are a deep, deep amber color. Her eyes are probably her best feature, since she isn't the prettiest canine around.

While no apparent markings spangle her, she does have a small fleck of brown near her side maw. There is also that same brown speck on her left hind leg, near the ankle. These flecks are very small and are known as "canine freckles."

Like most AWD hybrids, Khalil is quite small. Of course, wolves tower over her, and are a bit intimidating to her size. Though she is small, she can dart quickly away from danger. Her legs are a bit under average in length, as is her short tail. She seems quite vulnerable, and actually really is.

12 lbs.

The stands only a foot and 2 inches off of the ground. Equaling 14 inches tall.

Under the Fur

Khalil is a soft-spoken, timid canid. She was born wary. You could say she's a bit too cautious, and avoids risks altogether. Khalil isn't one to crave attention, in fact she'd rather not be a part of it. She is very well-reserved, and won't speak unless spoken to. Khalil's persona makes it a bit hard to make friends, but she doesn't mind being alone. She enjoys the quiet. Fun to her is a warm night at the den, curled up beneath the willow. She is also humble. Though the nimble canid is shy, she opens up and begins to break her shell when she feels comfortable.

Although she wants to become skilled in healing, she is very weak-hearted. Blood makes her queasy, and she is prone to fainting.

-the smell of tulips
-quiet nights spent alone
-watching the stars
-the taste of rodent
-grooming her large ears
-watching the wind against the plains
-rolling in dust
-sitting up at night, and waking up early
-listening to birdsong
-observing wildlife
-chewing on her tiny paw

-loud noises
-long conversations
-the male species

-running swiftly
-classifying herbs
-being her nimble self

She will always have her childhood habit of chewing on her paw when she's bored.

Don't Look Back
Khalil was the only born from her mother, Mizuka, who was and still is the leader of her pack, USP. She is young, so her history hasn't unfolded yet. Sure enough she came upon the kind lands, and nestled herself unnoticed in the pack called The Untamed Savannah Pack where she would live until death do her part.


If you're not her family, you're out of the picture..

Love outside of her bloodline has never meant much to her.

None, though she can't picture herself having little ones of her own.

She's too reserved, she doesn't make friends easily. Though once you've claimed her friendship, she's a sweetheart.

Mizuka = mother

Character Theme Song
"The A Team" by Ed Sheeran

Pleased to meet you.


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