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Do you wish to participate in this forum? Well come on in and register! Untamed Savannah Pack is an African Wild Dog RPG, but you may also play as a wolf (only African wolf species are accepted) and have a second character such a lion, cheetah, etc.

We are always open to accepting new members into this pack, so come on in and join the close knit family of ours.
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Distant Bloods || A family adventure

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Distant Bloods || A family adventure

Post by Ntombi on Fri Jul 19, 2013 4:13 am

D ϟ S T A N T . B L O O D S



Pack Name: Distant Bloods
Pack Site:
Pack Video: None yet
Pack Motto: No matter how distant our blood, we are family
Pack Poem: None yet
Pack Colours: Maroon, murky orange, turquoise, lime-ish, olive-ish, crimson, white, grey, black
Pack Thread:


To bring together roleplayers from all corners of the globe
To make friends and have fun along the way
To be a different, active roleplay
To have over 20 members
To become a big, online family

What's Different

We're a big family, blood related or not!
You can have little adventures on your own or with friends! ( See )
We have many ranks and different jobs!
You can have a little hobby such as adventuring, hunting, fightings or crafting!
The things to do on here are endless! There's much more I haven't even mentioned! Now go have an adventure with your distant blood family!


#1: No inappropriate behaviour! This goes for everyone. You will be downed to the very last rank for a week or as long as you keep acting like that. If you don't you will be banned for a month and if you keep doing it, deleted.

#2: No foul language! We're family friendly so please don't swear or use any foul language!

#3: Respect higher ranks! If they are a higher rank it's because they earned it so respect them. I don't really care if you kiss their feet, just don't go treating the admins and mods like dirt.

#4: No out-of-character bullying! Don't take roleplay personally if someone is mean to you but please PM if someone is taking roleplay a bit too far and bullying you in the chat box or somewhere else on the forums. They will be banned without further warning for a month and deleted if they continue to bully.

#5: No TMI! Don't give to much info. We don't want to know what you look like in real life, where you live, etc.

#6: Respect the wolf, respect the pack! Keep to the rules on both the website. If I see you breaking a rule every week you will be deleted and banned.

#7: Don't SPAM SPAM stands for Stupid Pointless Annoying Messages. We don't look kindly upon it. SPAMing on the site is: Roleplay posts with less than three sentances, and posts that don't follow the rules. If you SPAM you will have a warning, if you do it again a ban for a week and then if you still do it ban for a month.

#8: Keep semi realistic You can have any eye colour and any markings. You can even have sabar teeth! But please keep to realistic pelt colours and no super powers.

#9: You must sign up on the site It's not much of rule, more a requirement. But if you do apply here please register on the site! If you don't within two months you'll be put as a Pack Friend.

#10: Stay active! If you ask me, it's the most important rule of all. Who wants to join a inactive pack? If you don't log onto the site within a month, you will be inform, at two months you will be given a EFA but at 3 months you will be put as a Pack Friend. But our aim is to log in at least twice a week and post at least once a week.

"Embrace the adventure, and stick with your family..."

-All ©opyright goes to Aurora, the Founder and Dominant-
-Pack site, ad, & thread made by Aurora-


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